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The Jackson Hole Mysteries

Have you ever wondered where hard boiled detectives come from? In the Jackson Hole Mysteries series we follow Tom Thompson from a recently sober and lachrymose small town cop to the man that killers fear the most—a righteous, armed man who is completely unafraid to die, and unafraid to pull the trigger first.

In the first book of the series, Murder in Jackson Hole , Detective Tommy Thompson of the Teton County Wyoming Sheriff's office is introduced as a newly sober “country cop” working in an idyllic place visited by millions of tourists in search of a corner of America untouched by the rush of modern life. Serious crime is rare and Tom is pretty bored with his life now that he has quit drinking and gone through a mostly-amicable divorce. But the advent of an oil boom attended by serious drug trafficking opens Jackson Hole 's quiet community to the evils of a wider world. And a newly sober and naive Deputy Thompson finds himself at the heart of it.

Murder in the Tetons is now the second in the Jackson Hole Mysteries. It was originally released under the title Murder in Mixteca but the book did not do as well as projected. Market research revealed that putting a very foreign in the title of a book meant for a popular audience is a definite no-no. It was hoped that the word “Mixteca” would have the same mysterious import as, for instance the Shangri-la of James Hilton’s famous book Lost Horizons. Nope. So I decided to re-title the book and, because it is the sequel to Murder in Jackson Hole, give it another prolog and re-set the opening action near Jackson.

Murder in Moab is the centerpiece of the six planned books of the Jackson Hole Mysteries . In this book Thompson loses everything that makes his life familiar and intimate. The fall is precipitated when a Mormon polygamist is murdered in an elk-hunting camp near Jackson Hole . As fate would have it, the murdered man is a first cousin to Tom's ex-wife and their son Jackie is a witness to what appears to be a ritual Mormon killing. The investigation of that murder takes the hero of the series to Moab , Utah where he finds himself neck-deep in a slough of post-millenial, pre-apocalyptic religious practices, murder, incest, internet pornography and decadence that drives him to the brink of insanity.

The first three titles of the Jackson Hole Mysteries are available at your independent bookstore, online, or at the major chain stores. Future titles will be Murder Under the Sleeping Indian, which is based on the historical Wyoming outlaw vocations of horse stealing and horse racing. The last book of the quintet, Murder in Yellowstone, turns on the plans of Thompson's evil bete noir from Murder in Moab and his plans to drill for oil beneath Yellowstone National Park, using modern technology, and threatening the priceless thermal features of the crown jewel of our national park system.

Jon Horton

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