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You Just Lost Your Turn

Erin O’Grady was once my lady
and Oh how our love life burned
But she ran off with Mark on a Labor Day lark
But there’s a lesson there to be learned

You see, here in Jackson there’s lotsa action
but not enough chicklets to go around
and the lesson in life to be earned
is that here in Jackson you don’t lose your girl
you just lose your turn!

Mark, what goes round will surely come round
It’s the law of the universe
so you just got lucky, your love life’s ducky
my love life sucks and yours is sucky
but don’t think you can hog that thing, old pard

So when you see Erin tell ‘er I’m rarin
and if what goes round really goes round
I’ll cash my check and meet her downtown
‘cause there aint no tellin when Daisy or Maisie
may get the itch and the yearn
So come on dancin’ and start re-romancin’
Darlin’ it’s gotta be my turn!

And Matt, ol’ buddy, it’s life you’re learnin
it’s your round to be squirmin
and mine to be back in the saddle again
but try to be patient this ain’t forever
this is just Jackson home of re-action
and you only lost one turn!

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Jon Horton

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