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The Westerns

Gib: A Contemporary Novel is the mythic story of when the last natural cowboy and the last natural Grizzly bear duel in the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park each of them hungry for a death with meaning.

Hurley John Gibson, "Gib", is a generational hero in the Cody country of northwestern Wyoming . A decorated hero of WWII and a world champion rodeo cowboy, Gib has had a satisfying run as a local champion and as the manager of one of Wyoming's most celebrated and successful ranches, the Hoodoo. But fate sees him fall suddenly from his pinnacle and into an obscurity that fills him with a towering anger and a suicidal shame. At the same time an ancient enemy, a mythic Grizzly bear that almost killed him many years before, has come down from his redoubt in Yellowstone to challenge the only enemy in which he ever found his match - Gib. And this time the struggle, both man and bear know, will be one to an honorable death.

Snuffy Johnson's Cowboy Christmas tells the story of a young man who is standing a solitary winter watch on a snowbound ranch near Jackson Hole , Wyoming . It is 1926 and a young cowboy, Snuffy Johnson, is standing winter watch on a ranch deserted for the winter. Feeding the animals and shoveling snow off the roofs of the ranch houses and outbuildings takes up only a portion of his time so the winter has been long and boring. But he has had something wonderful to lighten his days the promise that he will soon go to town to post the bans for his wedding in June to the beautiful daughter of a local homesteader. But first, there is the engagement party and Christmas dance at the big hall in town.

Well, as they say, "Tell God your plans and hear him chuckle." On the way to town Snuffy finds a pregnant widow and her young son stranded on the road by a sick horse. Following his conscience, and in the spirit of his Christian upbringing, the young cowboy takes them under his young wing, even though they are headed the opposite way and over a high, snow-choked mountain pass famous for its thundering avalanches!

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